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Art & File Specs

Here are a few tips and tricks to help your project turn out exactly as you expect. Please read through all of the art & file specs below and share them with your graphic design and production team. Setting up your files correctly will save time and money.

  1. Images should be submitted in CMYK, at 100%, between 150 to 300 dpi. If this is not practical, use a logical reduction in size (like 50% or 25%). Please include 1/8" bleed on all sides at 100%.
  2. Acceptable file formats include Hi-Res PDF (such as PDF X1A), Illustrator (.ai) files, Photoshop or InDesign. If using Illustrator files, images must be imbedded, and all type must be converted to outlines. (When this is not possible please include all printer and screen fonts).
    Always include all necessary fonts. When using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign, you may convert fonts to outlines.
  3. To produce best results, please provide your logo as vector art, not as a raster file.
  4. Build all solid black areas as 100% black and 40% cyan. Areas specified as 100% black only will not produce the proper density.
  5. All spot colors must be converted to CMYK. Be sure to tell us what the PMS color to match is!! Most PMS colors will come close to the PMS book, not the monitor. It's suggested you request a test prior to production for critical color matches.
  6. White ink must be set up as a spot color on its' own layer. Assign all elements that are to be white ink to this layer. The white ink elements should be on a layer called "White".
  7. Do not specify metallic or fluorescent colors. These are virtually impossible to match. Also - see comment about perforated window film in products.
  8. A print out (black & white or color) should accompany each file. This gives us a reference to verify copy, content and cropping of the job.
  9. We'll supply a PDF, via email, of the print file for your approval of copy, content and cropping only. (If color match is critical, we strongly urge you to request a color proof of the file on the actual print device and substrate) The job will not proceed without your approval.
  10. Files can be submitted on CD/DVD or via our FTP site. Please visit our Customer Area of the website to upload your file.

Product & Services

  • Banners: On Vinyl, Mesh & Fabric
  • Backlit Displays
  • Museum graphics and signage
  • One Or Two-Way Viewing Perforated Window Film
  • Fine art reproduction on canvas
  • Fleet graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Packaging mockups
  • Short run corrugate packaging
  • In-Store graphics and signage

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